Meet Our Team

From left to right:

Lydia (Dr. Heron’s dental assistant), Melissa (hygienist), Jenny (Dr. Vicki’s dental assistant), Dr. Vicki Otterholt, Dr. Dana Otterholt, Dr. Kjersten Heron, Cheryl (business administrator), Sherry (reception), Sandra (Dr. Dana’s dental assistant)

Good Luck Betty!

After a 32 1/2 year career as a dental assistant, Betty has retired from our office. We were blessed to have Betty as part of our team for so long, and her absence continues to be felt around the office by both staff and patients. Her gentle ways, her dedication, and her wonderful teamwork all contributed greatly to our office. Just as we enjoy the long-term, often multigenerational relationships we have with our patients, we also pride ourselves on having a family of long-term employees. Betty worked with both Drs. Dana and Vicki, and has known Dr. Heron since before she was born. Thank you for your years of service Betty. You are missed around the office, and we wish you nothing but the best for the future!